Cell phone overuse has many seriously negative side effects. Primarily, they are caused by microwave radiation these devices transmit. Our immune system suffers a lot because of that.

Another reason is our irresponsible use of cell phones. We strive to be constantly connected and available. This makes us feel tired, nervous, and absent-minded. We hardly realize that a reason for our fatigue is hidden in our pocket.

It weakens the Immune System

The results of the Ekolog study, ordered by the German T-Mobile, showed relevant findings. The aim of the study was to prove that the radiation of mobile devices was non-problematic. However, the findings reveal exactly the opposite, reported the Swiss expert Dominik F. Rolle in his book Electrosmog – how to identify the sources of interference and reduce health risks.

They found that mobile technology has microthermal effects. It damages DNA molecules and proteins. It is genotoxic. It affects cellular processes. It weakens the immune system. It affects the central nervous system. It affects the system of endocrine glands. It is carcinogenic. It is partially teratogenic – it causes hereditary deformity. It increases the level of infertility.

According to Rolle, a study at the University of Essen, Germany, revealed the link between eye cancer and the frequent use of mobile phones. The largest mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia, in its role at the US Federal Patent Office warns that prolonged exposure to mobile phone radiation can lead to dangerous tumours. Studies by a British team of experts led by Sir William Stewart confirm that microwave radiation can lead to memory loss, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.


We reduce the health risk when using a mobile phone so that it is in a standby mode and away from our body.

The mobile phone should not be carried in pockets that are near the glands in our body. In the ordinary trouser pocket, the phone is too close to the testicles in men, which can lead to a decrease in fertility or even infertility. The trouser pocket is therefore not a suitable place for a mobile phone. The French government took this issue so seriously that it warned all young citizens not to carry the phone that is turned on in a trouser pocket. It is also not appropriate to place it in a shirt pocket, because it is too close to the heart and the thymus. This weakens the immune system and can cause heart rhythm disorders in the long run.

Pregnant women should pay particular attention to the fact that the phone that is turned on is not in the vicinity of the child. In women whose reproductive organs are slightly more protected due to their position there are more and more complications, such as abortions. Therefore, pregnant women should not carry the mobile phone that is turned on in the purse at the height of the abdomen. During the cell division phase, the microwave power is the strongest. Chromosome damage is rapid and this results in cell changes and growth disorders.

Nobody should sleep with their mobile phone turned on and on their nightstand, under the pillow, or anywhere near the head, and this specifically applies to children.

mobile phone protection


Norad mobile phone protection is designed to repair the harmful consequences that modern technology leaves on our body. Its specialty and uniqueness is that it does not work directly on electromagnetic waves and radiation information, but it affects the water and other fluids in the body and repairs what radiation has damaged with the selected information codes.

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Better Cell Communication

So Norad does not protect against heat radiation or the heating of tissues due to induction currents. Even though microwave radiation emitted by mobile phones and other devices can easily pass through skull bones, especially in children, and also directly interferes with the natural bioelectric rhythm of brain function.

Norad protects the body and the brain from a much more dangerous disadvantage of mobile telephony, that is, the damage of the programmed cell function caused by the information part of the radiation. Due to the impact of Norad, the communication between cells is significantly less disturbed.