Stanko Obradović

i9 owner & Chief Happiness Officer


Thank you for visiting us. We feel grateful you are here.

For i9 team bringing consciousness to a higher level is a key to a better life on this planet. When we vibrate at a higher lever, we feel happier, lighter and brighter. 

Life flows. Energy flows. We flow.

i9 community is a team of passionate Beings who care about raising the vibration and doing good. We believe our products and solutions contribute to reaching this goal and we hope you will discover something that helps you on your journey and improves the quality of your life.

Špela Grohar

i9 Playful Project Partner

Our WHY, WHAT, and HOW

We believe in harmonious relationships.

We believe that each individual is a co-creator, and when taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions, we balance the relationship with everything around us.

We do that by creating practical solutions that have a positive effect on the quality of life of all Beings.

What we value most is


Striving for inner balance and a harmonious environment.


Respect, openness, harmonious connection with oneself and the environment.


Honesty, integrity, sincere communication.


Responsibility to all Beings and sustainable orientation.


Maintaining a high level of quality of products and services.


Acting in accordance with our values.

and we love to CELEBRATE LIFE and HAVE FUN.

i9 products

Everything on this planet carries a certain code or information.

i9 products with unique technology by Vili Poznik enable us to activate energy (E) through an appropriate set of information (I) to stimulate naturally-autonomous processes that bring us to the original balance, triggering the potential (P) for self-regulation and self-purification, which it is beneficial to our well-being, and the optimal functioning of ourselves.

TP Technology operates within a scientific field that has been labeled as “third millennium technology.” TP Poznik Technology works in the areas of physical medicine and information technology, arriving from quantum physics.

While the information in the substances of which the homeopathic remedies are comprised can be proven to work, that is not the case for the substances themselves.

By way of special equipment, these very subtle vibrations within substances can be captured, stored and put to a specific use. While these were once stored in water, flint and silicon oxide have long been used in its place. Information can be “imprinted” into different materials: glass, metal, plastic… And for over half a century, information has been translated into numbers.

Vili Poznik’s innovations are mainly focused on the quality of water, air and food. Their purpose is to improve our well-being, health and our energy state. Poznik (TP) technology extends into the scientific field of physical medicine and information technology, which has its foundations in quantum physics.