Vili Poznik is the recipient of more than 90 international awards, medals and prizes. From the year 2001 he isn’t attending any more expositions and fairs so he can dedicate more of his time to research on new and exciting projects.

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Poznik Technologies are a result of an inner need and the restless spirit of the inventor Vili Poznik. However, they belong to all humanity, because he shares them with any and all willing to cooperate, measure and test his findings.

Poznik Information Technologies (ITP) use for its assessment unit, the Informational Energy Potential (IEP), which is a response to the current and lasting conditions in the direction of the interaction of information and energy.

ITP has been the case of scientific studies since 70’s , and the effects of ITP have been scientifically proven. Various methods have been applied in the research.

Below are some of the studies and best practices.


GDV tests

The Berlin Institute of Electrophotonics awarded i9 informed water bottle the Certificate of Excellence.

Scientists from the German Institut fur Elektrophotonik, Berlin have performed extensive tests that have shown the following results:

  • A significant increase in the human bioenergetic field;
  • A reduction in the level of stress;
  • The increase of biophotons (energy) in the water.
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Peter Firbas, B.A. in biology, from the private Laboratory for Plant Cytogenetics with the Allium method

The Allium test

The determination of general cellular toxicity (cytotoxicity) and the levels of genotoxicity in aquatic, terrestrial, and air ecosystems. The laboratory Allium tests have shown the following:

  • Chromosome damages have been significantly reduced;
  • The level of toxicity has decreased;
  • The level of genotoxicity has decreased.
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The allium metaphase genotoxic test

Dark Field test

Dark Field tests allows to evaluate the shapes and other properties of individual blood cells and shows how the blood behaves in the body, giving a clear picture of health at a cellular level. The advantage of this analysis is the ability to detect disorders sooner, while the problem is in the initial stages.

On the basis of research, it was found that after drinking the informed water, blood cells are healthy, nicely arranged, and allow good mobility that enables good blood flow and supply of even the smallest capillaries with the necessary energy. Prior to drinking the informed water, the flow and supply of the entire organism with oxygen have been disrupted.

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SARAH STEINMAN, independent expert, Mystic Studio, Uttigen, CH

Water Crystals

Knowing that water can memorize information, Dr. Emoto developed a special method for photographing water crystals. It involves presenting positive and negative words, music, or photo images to water, then freezing the sample and photographing the results.

Water drops from distilled water have been frozen and photographed digitally under the microscope. To visualize “energies”, a water is used which is barely able to produce crystalline forms on frozen drops.

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just a few of many, many examples …

Mojca Bizjan Seljak, the barn on Drenov Grič

The use of the ITP when caring for horses

Proper hydration is essential for the health of horses. Adult horses need between 25 – 45 litres of water daily.

The effects of the use of the informed water (the Poznik Information Technologies) after one year:

  • The horses are more vital and more easily tolerate the labour and strain;
  • The colic – metabolic disorder has never appeared again;
  • The consumption of grain feed has decreased. Due to better hydration, the metabolism of fodder has improved, and the energy effect of fodder is much greater.
Drago Purgaj, the orchard in Slovenske gorice.

The use of the ITP in orchards

The use of the informed eloptic energy.

The effects of the use of the informed energy:

  • Greater resistance of flower clusters to weather changes
  • No need for conventional and biodynamic plant protection preparations; chemical preparations for the cultivation and growth are no longer necessary;
  • A greater quality and resilience of fruits.
Milena in Stanko Serdinšek, bakery in Lovrenc

The use of the ITP in baking

The use of the informed water (the Hydronic) in baking bread.

The effects of the use of the informed water (the Poznik Information Technologies):

  • The informed water inhibits the growth of bacteria, which affects the reduced growth of yeast, which is crucial for baking high-quality bread;
  • The bread is less crumbly and gets old more slowly;
  • The elasticity improves and the taste of bread is much better;
  • The people with stomach problems have no digestion problems;
  • There are no problems with limescale.

The bakery has been repeatedly awarded the Medal for Quality by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.

The use of the ITP in SPORT

»If it wasn’t for Poznik TP and informed water, I wouldn’t be alive today!«
Martin Strel Guinness World Record holder for swimming the entire length of the Amazon river, 5268 km (3274 miles).