The person you love is made of water.

99% of molecules in the human body are water.
Our body is approximately 70% water, our brain is comprised of up to 80% water, whilst our blood and plasma is 90% water, teeth are 10-13% water, kidneys 83%… Water is the key constituent part of cells, tissue and bodily fluids.

“Water is the driving force of all nature.”

– Leonardo da Vinci

Water, a key component of the human body

The secret of life lies in proper cell nourishment, and the ability of cells to dispose of waste and toxins. In order to be able to receive the necessary nutrients, cells are in constant contact with water.

Water regulates metabolism, digestion, blood circulation, cell reproduction, it boosts the body’s immune system, carries information throughout the body and maintains core body temperature.

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Water characteristics

The qualities and anomalies of water have adapted to sustain life on Earth, but some of its characteristics are still shrouded in mystery, and await scientific explanation. Water is the only matter that is a subject of perpetual transformation while cycling through the atmosphere. This natural cycle allows water to self-cleanse.

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energy, frequency, vibration

Energy of movement (nature)

Everything in the universe vibrates, waves – even living beings. The ripple of every living being is unique to it, just as everyone’s fingerprint is unique.

Each substance emits its own information, a subtle vibration. Homeopathy works on this basis. It is not possible to prove the substance itself in homeopathic preparations, but the information of the substance works. With special devices…

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“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.””

– Nikola Tesla

vili poznik

Inventor and founder of ITP Poznik

Vili Poznik is an exceptional 88-year-old innovator from Slovenia, who has received numerous international awards for his achievements and innovations, many of which are patented.

He began his work with the development of medical devices, but soon realised that the regeneration and functioning of the human body are also influenced by other external factors that are just as crucial in regeneration as well as for a vital and full life. 

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“Everything that surrounds and composes us is a collection of vibrations and information that they transmit and communicate.”

– Vili Poznik

Technologies Poznik

Poznik technology is a combination of several scientific processes, capable of influencing the networks of joined up molecules in various matter by means of information or code. Through the precise application of TP technology it is possible to select, amplify and imprint specific energy information (vibrations). Information is imprinted in numbers, where each number contains hundreds of sets of information. Information has been accumulated through research over a period of several decades.

TP technology is backed by 40 years of research & innovation and was developed by a team of world class inventors, who received over 90 international awards & recognitions for their exceptional achievements.

TP Technology presents a combination of numerous scientific procedures:



The energy symbol derives from a “MAGIC LIFE” protective form

TP technology uses a microcosmic energy symbol–the spring of information–to positively affect the water, in terms of its structure and information properties, and our body, as a result.

The energy symbol derives from a “magic life” protective form, and is enhanced by a precise selection of information (vibrations) in the form of information codes. Moreover, an orgone emitters in a Poznik lab inscribes the energy symbol, in addition to information, with a frequency for stabilization, activation and information transfer by way of emit information.