Kelly Vikings

Many of us are changing our lives, personally, socially, and professionally for the better.

We are activating powerful shifts of consciousness, from deep within our soul.

Changing our external worlds to feel more connected.

Awakening to a spiritual intelligence, choosing to live through our hearts and souls.

I call this Divine Alignment®.

The energy field is being cleansed, as humans we’re elevating our frequency, choosing alignment, connection, and love to expand our lives, and fuel our wealth.

It doesn’t just happen, we don’t wake up and suddenly we have ascended!

Much of this is ancestral, and we are infact remembering, but that’s another blog, for another day..!

We have different aspects, of both our internal and external world, to bring into alignment.

This desired change, takes courage, bravery, and consistent work.

It never really stops, each level demands a new level of you. We are evolving, humanity is elevating its consciousness. This Journey of the Enlightened soul serves many brutal lessons, but is forever rewarding, of a life of balance, harmony, and ease.

A way to anchor your new way of life, awareness and being.

Is to choose a colour, to anchor in your new vision, transformation, or desired outcomes. See the shifts positively, with little of 0 resistance, gently unfold.

This creates an anchor, gives great confidence, belief, and hope.

Helping you to TRUST in all that you are calling in, ready to receive and are becoming.

I’d love to see you try this anchoring technique, to activate your deepest desires. Our goals and desires are to be achieved. I would love to hear your results, please keep in touch, reach out to me, my contact is at the bottom of this Blog.

Let me share my anchoring to my chosen colour;

I chose the colour YELLOW.

Yellow layered with light codes, the sun, the moon, Christ consciousness, Divine source, fire, warmth and messages that mean something to me…

The colour yellow activates a powerful message, that has been ignited from my soul.


Opening your heart to receive immediate, unlimited amounts of abundance, joy, and Divine protection in your world. Yellow is a powerful colour radiating Joy, Faith & Abundance.

When you think of JOY…

Imagine feeling the sun shining it’s glorious, beautiful rays of light, from the tip of your crown to the tips of your toes. The warmth and delicate rays of golden light spinning, enlightening your energetic frequency

When you call in hope, faith & Divine PROTECTION… 

Visualise the most beautiful golden glow, dancing around the edges of your aura, deeply, spiritually cleansing you, renewing your souls cellular energy, protecting your soul from anything entering your energy field

When you invite ABUNDANCE into your world… 

Open your palms, call in a yellow magnet, of limitless light. Visualise this vibrant energy flowing effortlessly towards you, feeling the magnetic, powerful force of receiving this liquid energy, honouring your prosperity codes

Imagine opening your heart to an anchor that collects all the energetic frequencies in your conscious and sub conscious, like a powerful GOLDEN Nectar that energises your very being, igniting an invisible thread of golden dancing fire and flame….

Creating powerful connections, deep in your sub conscious that feed strong pathways of soul guided choices that powerfully link to new ways of being, creation of new choices, inspired clarity, unwavering belief to soul desire, and like NOTHING ELSE this Golden Nectar is the fire within you, that your soul seeks guidance, to attract pure LOVE, JOY & LAUGHTER.

Cleansed, aligned to your truth, supporting you to RISE claim, stand in your power.

Protected, in a golden bubble of LOVE, angelic love. LOVE is the golden nectar that opens a deeper, connected path of TRUTH, bringing hope, TRUST and a heart full of golden limitless abundance that flows effortlessly, with ease in Divine Timing.

You need NOT fear, any shadows taught you to see. All your life experiences shaped you, gave you immense, unbreakable STRENGTH, forged from ancestral wisdom, you are ALL you need to open your heart and anchor in Joy, Protection and Abundance.

Replacing, renewing, and remembering this GOLDEN Age, New World, and all you consciously choose to bring with you. Anchor in this sacred NEW energetic wealth and abundance for it will protect you from the lower frequencies, that can powerfully be avoided.

One way to ensure your personal power is claimed, any unexplored potential within your soul is realised and your highest frequency is restored, is to DRINK WATER, deeply cleansing sacred medicine of Mother Earth.

I chose to tap into the Divine, my most sacred creative energies, and anchor this purest frequency by drinking my water in a YELLOW informed glass water bottle, courtesy of i9living, the glorious sunshine that is Spela Grohar.

Because every drop is a reminder of the colour YELLOW and all that is anchored into this Golden Colour, is all that is infinitely possible when I open my eyes to a NEW world that awaits…