We support harmonious living with enhanced products to reduce stress.

We believe in harmonious relationships and that each individual is a co-creator by taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions, we balance the relationship with everything around us.

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We have taken the responsibility

with i9living to bring peace into the world. “i” in i9living means interconnected. We know that ultimately, on a scientific level, if we are looking at it from a quantum perspective, we are all connected. We are all one. We are all made up of the same energy. By honoring every living being we fulfill our promise to be a sustainable partner for all of life and to serve the highest good of all. The number “9” is the number of completions in numerology

We know

that by completing the evolution of humanity to go from surviving to thriving we need to dedicate ourselves to life itself. Which is why living together in harmony is our most important asset. Every war that has ever been fought on this planet happened because people were surviving. When you are surviving over a long period of time, your body will also go into survival state to provide the strength that you need and the dopamine in your body that will activate your fight, flight or freeze response. And you will learn to be a warrior to win the war that you need to win to survive. Because up until this point in evolution, only the fittest have survived.

It is a matter of understanding that we are all interconnected and by implementing a harmonious, peaceful living where we care for each other, where we are there for each other. We honor the commitment to not survive but thrive. That can only happen if your body, mind and soul are in a peaceful state. And if you are provided with everything that you need to live a happy life. Because a person that is happy is a person that is peaceful. Therefore, we made it our number one commitment to bring harmony to the world. All our products and offers are designed to do that.


When your body is no longer in survival state and your nervous system is relaxed and you are nourished and provided with everything that you need your body will come out of survival and go into thriving. A body in survival state will break down because your cells will deteriorate due to disharmonious frequencies that are caused by a life lived in fear, anxiousness and depression. Your body is not getting what it needs to function in a high performing state and will eventually get sick and die.

A body that is thriving, because your body gets the exact nutrients and fluids to function at peak performance is a body that will thrive and bring peace to your mind and soul. And there is no reason to be afraid or to fight because you know that nothing and no one has power over you.

How stress affects your body

– Sharon Horesh Bergquist

How exactly do we help you eliminate stress?

We do this with Poznik Technologies that are utilizing hydronic technologies to inform and enhance our products.


Vili Poznik

With Hydronic Technologies it is possible to affect the structure of water, like its vitality and its memory, by carefully selecting information, which can then be imprinted into different materials. It is similar to the way music and computer programs are imprinted on metallic plates. Crystalline glass, the main component of which is silica oxide, has an excellent ability of accumulating and transferring information. The technology with which the information can be imprinted into crystalline glass, pottery, metal and some other materials is based on the discoveries of the knowledge of capturing data, interpreting data and data transfer. The technology and products made possible by this Hydronic Technology received a myriad of awards: the gold medal on the Invention Expo in Pittsburgh in 2000, the special award at the same fair for the best innovation in the field of ecology, the gold award on the International Expo of Inventions in Nuremberg the gold medal on the International Crafts Fair in Celje and many other accolades. The water vitalizer Hydronic has countless possible applications and uses when it comes to treating water.

HYDRONIC can be used in different environments for different purposes:
Houses, homes, offices, greenhouses, gardens, orchards, plantations, fields, woods, parks, ponds, lakes, fish farms, river treatment plants, barns, farms, sport complexes, pools, golf courses, public infrastructure, manufacturing plants, industrial facilities, energy plants, research facilities, health centers, wellness, beauty salons, etc. With the Hydronic Technology we influence the vitality of water by which we don’t necessarily significantly alter the physical and chemical properties of water. This means that we don’t notice significant changes in the color, smell, taste, viscosity, freezing and boiling points, specific heat, etc. But this doesn’t mean that there are no significant changes in the structure and electrodynamics of molecular compounds whatsoever. The changes are sufficient to influence a great variety of chemical reactions in the water and can alter the biochemistry of plants, animals and the human organism if we introduce the changed water. 

Vili Poznik

Inventor and founder of ITP Poznik

Vili Poznik

Living matter has the ability to sense the physical influences which are below the sensory threshold of even the most sensitive instruments. This can be reliably confirmed by the biological Allium test, which allows us to observe the influence of changed water molecule association and altered angles of hydrogen bonds on the cell (i.e. chromosomes) which is the basic unit for all living creatures. Hydronic/Hydronic Technology has acquired the Declaration of Conformity by The National Laboratory of Health, Environment and Food.

Customers say…

I feel that I am doing a service to my health and the environment when I use my bottle. Not only is it great looking, but the ergonomic shape and silicone rings which are beautiful while protecting the glass, keep me from worrying about its durability. I highly recommend it!


This water bioenergetically tests better than any other I have found. When I bioenergetically test it using tap water, it tests better than my filtered water! I bought one for home and the other for work and travel.


I have more energy, a better mood and inner well-being throughout the day. The water from the bottle tastes really great. Based on this experience with the i9 bottle, I bought other Poznik products and I can only recommend them.


I love i9 bottle! It is easy to use, colourful and eye catching. People are asking me were did I get this bottle from? Water tastes great and stays fresh. My husband has problem with his digestion . Since we start using water from the bottle, he began to feel better. Would definitely recommend this product!


I love my bottle, it’s beautiful and very durable!!


A gift to yourself and the plants!
The bottle is very nicely equipped in shape, colors and design, which is a pleasure for the eyes and the environment!
Finally, there is a reason to have more fun drinking healthy!
It is a revolution of joy and positive thinking.


I like the bottle. It’s my second one, because the other one accidentally fell down and broke.
I chose a new one because I notice that something is energetically passing with the water. After a few hours you can see water beads on the edge, which shows that it is being charged. Also, I get the impression that it stays fresh longer.


Great bottle, looks great and the water tastes much softer after a short time. Absolutely recommended. Large opening, good for drinking and cleaning. Silicon closure is great.


Drinking from i9 bottle is an experience. The water from it is really different. More beneficial. I also use the bottle as a carafe and the water harmonizes in minutes. I felt the effect of the water already in the first days. The energy flows through me more and I am in better balance.


The bottle is great. Grippy, bright colours and the water really tastes better than just from the tap. And the very best, finally no more plastic. The i9 glass bottle is with you everywhere.


Great bottle, practical for sports and on the go. The water gets a pleasant, “soft” taste after a short time in this bottle, it simply tastes better and you drink more automatically.


I really enjoy i9 bottle both in the morning at work and in the evening after returning from the office. It relieves stress, fatigue and today I try it with Bach essences for the first time .. so far it feels more than great!
I have a very hectic time, so the water really came at the right time and I’m always looking forward to home, when I open the bottle and calmly sit in the garden and refresh myself after all the stress and tension :-). She gets me to herself. And that’s more than perfect!


First I was surprised when tap water, which I didn’t usually like, tasted much better after the treatment in the i9 bottle. Her overall positive appearance evoked in me a more natural feeling that I needed water. It was also important for me to find out how comfortable and easy the bottle can be cleaned. I simply began to perceive the informed bottle as my pleasant daily companion.
I recommend it to anyone who likes to invest even a small amount in your healthier lifestyle, or like to surprise someone with a valuable gift.


The i9 chakra bottle has an eye-catching colourful design, the same as it seen on the product image. The additional informed tag is attractive and give to the bottle an additional purpose.
The bottle mouth is wide enough for smoothies, ice cubes and also for easy cleaning.
This bottle is my first choice among glass bottles for storing water and other drinks for the purpose of informing the liquid in the bottle with the positive vibrations and preserving its vitality throughout the day. It is also my first choice for bringing home-made smoothies into the office or for travelling. It should be also a very nice present.


I already knew the bottle, it is the third one I bought (for a gift). I like it very much, the quality of the material, the effect it makes on the water. I tried to not wash it for 3 weeks and the water never got cloudy or bad taste.
I dropped it twice on the floor, the first time it was with the lid on and nothing happened, it just bounced. The second time it fell out of my hands, it was open and broke the mouth. Logical! So always cover it up. 100% recommended!


A summary of what our customers say about the positive effects of informed water

  • Has better taste, is softer, more drinkable
  • Improved smell
  • Is clearer
  • Better feeling when drinking or bathing in it
  • The skin is tighter and better hydrated, because softer water penetrates skin cells more easily
  • It softens the water, adding softeners is not needed
  • Cleaning substances work better in it
  • Prevents buildup of limescale, calcification
  • Vegetables and fruits are refreshed
  • Improves the microbiological state of the water
  • Augments plant growth
  • Plants are greener and bloom more
  • Plants have more endurance so we can lower or even stop the use of compounds
  • Works beneficially on pets and animals in farms; reduces disease outbreaks, antibiotic use and emergency veterinary services
  • Improves the metabolism of fodder, food consumption is reduced by up to 30% (chicken and pig farms)
  • Special editions of the Hydronic can filter particles up to 80 microns large (sand, clay, metal shavings…) and wash them out
  • It is even more important that the Hydronic removes unwanted information and revives water with positive information, without the use of chemicals.

What we drink

Dead or tired water which flows through our pipes in unnatural ways is transformed into living water, which gives people, animals and plants more life. Hydronic accelerates the removal of chlorine, the number of nitrates in the water is reduced and the negative effects of pharmaceutical residues contained in water are reduced by up to 70%. Living water is thus less genotoxic and much healthier for all living organisms. Pure chemical and physical analyses alone do not provide a reliable enough answer to the question of how healthy the water is. Complementary tests along with biological and chemical tests show a completely different picture, because it is difficult to identify thousands of chemical substances in the water. The biological Allium method uncovers on many more levels the effects on growth and development of living cells and organisms and can discover the presence of harmful substances in even the smallest concentrations which barely show up in other tests. Of approximately 700 recognizable toxic and genotoxic substances that can be found in our drinking water, only about 10 percent can be detected with ordinary chemical analyses (Source: EU Chemical Bureau, Natural Resources Defense Council: Think before you drink).

General toxicity

Different responsiveness of the growth of the Allium cepa L plant roots is a general indicator of the quality of environmental surroundings and patterns. The growth of the roots shows how appropriate for life and consumption the water they grow in is. The longer the roots are, the better the quality of surroundings and vice versa.

Genotoxicity levels

Looking at the tips of the test plant’s roots and the damage to its cells’ chromosomes gives us a very precise picture about the quality of water as well as the answer to the question about how healthy the water is. For the health and vitality of the water it is important that it is not restrained in any way in its movement and that it has contact with air and light. This sort of information is added to the water when it passes through the HYDRONIC.

Microscopic images of healthy and damaged cells

Calcium carbonate in the water, which forms limescale, changes its crystal structure when it passes through the Hydronic. From its tougher calcite structure about 60-80% of it changes into the softer, chalk-like aragonite structure which no longer forms limestone on heaters, pipes and vents, not even washed clothes. The difference is that the calcium carbonate in normal tap water on a microscopic level resembles a needle, but in the treated water the structure is more like a prism, a form that is less susceptible to forming large clusters and does not stick to surfaces.

Different structure of limescale before and after using hydronic


Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown very clearly that water has the ability to respond to different information very differently. Water changes the structure of its crystal and whenever we introduce positive information it forms beautiful symmetrical patterns. When we introduce negative information the patterns and structure become chaotic and unclear. Watch the video to see how water changes its structure based on the information it receives.

Food and beverages

Dough prepared with treated water rises more slowly. Bread and pastries have a different structure and taste. The restructured water refreshes vegetables more quickly and more efficiently. Coffee and tea have stronger flavors. Soups and stews also have stronger flavors. The living water inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus, so food made with such water molds slower and spoils less.

For wellbeing and appearance

Skin becomes softer and tighter, because the softer water can more easily penetrate it and small wrinkles on the face and neck will disappear. Washing in the restructured water is more pleasant. Soaps and shower gels work better. Traces of calcium carbonate are easier to remove, there is less limestone in washing machines and dishwashers, and we can also wash clothes at lower temperatures and without fabric softeners. The color of clothes washed with restructured water is intensified because the limestone is washed away.


If we let pets decide whether they want to drink the living water or normal water, they choose the living water every time. The animals become healthier, livelier and get healthier fur and feathers.

Greenhouses and farms

Hydronic is also appropriate for use in greenhouses and farms. There are fewer diseases, less harmful pesticides are needed. You can notice lush growth, a higher resistance, a darker green color, stronger and at times more frequent blossoming of flowers. Vegetables are more resistant, rotting and withering come much later, and some molds and bugs leave the plants alone altogether. Even cut flowers last longer in such water.

Microscopic images of healthy and damaged cells

Calcium carbonate in the water, which forms limescale, changes its crystal structure when it passes through the Hydronic. From its tougher calcite structure about 60-80% of it changes into the softer, chalk-like aragonite structure which no longer forms limestone on heaters, pipes and vents, not even washed clothes. The difference is that the calcium carbonate in normal tap water on a microscopic level resembles a needle, but in the treated water the structure is more like a prism, a form that is less susceptible to forming large clusters and does not stick to surfaces.

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