Before reading my free e-book, I would like to share with you a key tip that will completely revolutionize how you deal with stress, tiredness, and burnout.

Without this key tip, the methods in the book may have little to no effect. It is crucial to be aware of this before diving into the e-book.
What is it?

It is water, but not just any water…

Informed harmonized water.

Everybody knows we are made of water and we need water to survive. But we need informed harmonized water. Unfortunately, most of us are drinking tap water or even bottled water, and here comes the problem.

Let me explain why…

When the water travels through the pipe system, it changes the structure, and by the time it
comes to us, it is already dead water.

Our body then needs to change it and by doing that it is using so much energy.

So we feel tired, stressed, exhausted…

But if we are drinking informed harmonized water, our body does not have to do that and we are not losing any energy transforming it.

The good news is that we can make informed harmonized water ourselves… with an i9-informed water bottle.

What’s the i9 bottle?

It is a water bottle that transforms dirty tap water into clean and informed harmonized water.

If you struggle with stress, tiredness, lack of energy, or burnout, this might be the perfect solution for you.

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You can get 2 i9 bottles for the price of 1.

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About the i9 bottle…


I feel that I am doing a service to my health and the environment when I use my bottle. Not only is it great looking, but the ergonomic shape and silicone rings which are beautiful while protecting the glass, keep me from worrying about its durability. I highly recommend it!


This water bioenergetically tests better than any other I have found. When I bioenergetically test it using tap water, it tests better than my filtered water! I bought one for home and the other for work and travel.


I have more energy, a better mood and inner well-being throughout the day. The water from the bottle tastes really great. Based on this experience with the i9 bottle, I bought other Poznik products and I can only recommend them.


I love i9 bottle! It is easy to use, colourful and eye catching. People are asking me were did I get this bottle from? Water tastes great and stays fresh. My husband has problem with his digestion . Since we start using water from the bottle, he began to feel better. Would definitely recommend this product!


I love my bottle, it’s beautiful and very durable!!


A gift to yourself and the plants!
The bottle is very nicely equipped in shape, colors and design, which is a pleasure for the eyes and the environment!
Finally, there is a reason to have more fun drinking healthy!
It is a revolution of joy and positive thinking.


I like the bottle. It’s my second one, because the other one accidentally fell down and broke.
I chose a new one because I notice that something is energetically passing with the water. After a few hours you can see water beads on the edge, which shows that it is being charged. Also, I get the impression that it stays fresh longer.


Great bottle, looks great and the water tastes much softer after a short time. Absolutely recommended. Large opening, good for drinking and cleaning. Silicon closure is great.


Drinking from i9 bottle is an experience. The water from it is really different. More beneficial. I also use the bottle as a carafe and the water harmonizes in minutes. I felt the effect of the water already in the first days. The energy flows through me more and I am in better balance.


The bottle is great. Grippy, bright colours and the water really tastes better than just from the tap. And the very best, finally no more plastic. The i9 glass bottle is with you everywhere.


Great bottle, practical for sports and on the go. The water gets a pleasant, “soft” taste after a short time in this bottle, it simply tastes better and you drink more automatically.


I really enjoy i9 bottle both in the morning at work and in the evening after returning from the office. It relieves stress, fatigue and today I try it with Bach essences for the first time .. so far it feels more than great!
I have a very hectic time, so the water really came at the right time and I’m always looking forward to home, when I open the bottle and calmly sit in the garden and refresh myself after all the stress and tension :-). She gets me to herself. And that’s more than perfect!


First I was surprised when tap water, which I didn’t usually like, tasted much better after the treatment in the i9 bottle. Her overall positive appearance evoked in me a more natural feeling that I needed water. It was also important for me to find out how comfortable and easy the bottle can be cleaned. I simply began to perceive the informed bottle as my pleasant daily companion.
I recommend it to anyone who likes to invest even a small amount in your healthier lifestyle, or like to surprise someone with a valuable gift.


The i9 chakra bottle has an eye-catching colourful design, the same as it seen on the product image. The additional informed tag is attractive and give to the bottle an additional purpose.
The bottle mouth is wide enough for smoothies, ice cubes and also for easy cleaning.
This bottle is my first choice among glass bottles for storing water and other drinks for the purpose of informing the liquid in the bottle with the positive vibrations and preserving its vitality throughout the day. It is also my first choice for bringing home-made smoothies into the office or for travelling. It should be also a very nice present.


I already knew the bottle, it is the third one I bought (for a gift). I like it very much, the quality of the material, the effect it makes on the water. I tried to not wash it for 3 weeks and the water never got cloudy or bad taste.
I dropped it twice on the floor, the first time it was with the lid on and nothing happened, it just bounced. The second time it fell out of my hands, it was open and broke the mouth. Logical! So always cover it up. 100% recommended!


This one time offer includes…

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What happens if I’m not satisfied with the i9 bottle?

What happens if I’m not satisfied with the i9 bottle?

First of all, I want to assure you that customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We take great pride in the quality of our products and the positive feedback we receive from our valued customers.

However, in the unlikely event that you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, we will return all your money without questions.

Here’s my 15-day money-back guarantee: I 100% guarantee that you’ll love our i9 bottle and free bonuses, or we will return all your money. Just email me(email) or our team (email) and we will give you back your money with no question asked.

Questions and Anwsers

What is informed water?

It is water encoded with several thousands of carefully selected sets of information (positive vibrations), such as pranas, mantras, music, thoughts, prayers, light, numbers, colours etc., all supporting one another and working in complete harmony.

How can informed water be better than regular water?

Modern water treatment, distribution systems and pollution cause water to become de-structured (dead), thus losing its natural vitality, self-cleansing and antibacterial properties. De-structured water molecules accumulate in larger clusters, making it difficult to be absorbed by living organisms. This in turn forces the body to use its own energy reserves in order to re-structure these enlarged molecule clusters into a form suitable for absorption and all bodily functions. The process of informing helps to return the water’s structure back to its natural (living) state.

How does informed water influence the body?

Through stress, poor nutrition and pollution (amongst many factors) the water in our bodies becomes de-structured (loses its vitality and self-cleansing and antibacterial properties). This means the body’s immune system must repair such damage by using its own energy reserves. This often leaves us tired and prone to illness. The process of informing helps to return the water’s structure back to its natural (living) state. Drinking informed water helps our bodies renew their energy reserves, thus making us feel revitalised and more energetic.

What kind of water can I put in the bottle?

Simply add normal drinking water from the tap or bottled water.

Can I put other liquids in the bottle and what effect will it have on them?

Yes, other liquids can also be put in the bottle. Adding other liquids simply means the water content in any such liquids will become informed. The taste of beverages with a high alcohol content and/or other popular drinks, such as fizzy beverages, coffee, tea etc., may change.

How long should the water be in the bottle to become informed?

The process of informing takes place instantly, while extensive testing shows minor beneficial increases continuing for some 3 hours.

Will an informed bottle improve my physical and mental performance?

Informed (structured) water helps the body regain its natural balance with nature, thus helping to improve physical and mental abilities.

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