Harmonization as a way to internal balance

Kvido Kuželka

Kvido Kuželka

We meet it every day, we drink it, we bathe in it, it makes up about 70% of our weight. It is absolutely indispensable for life on Earth. Nevertheless, we often treat it without interest or respect.

(Viktor Schauberger)

Yes, WATER. The consciousness on our planet is reflected in its purity. According to this scale, in recent years human consciousness has not been moving into the right direction, water quality is constantly deteriorating with the insensitive approach and indifference of man. It is high time to realize again that water is the greatest gift on Earth, the gift of life, and to start approaching while keeping this in mind.

Water has unique properties, constantly changes its energy, and has a memory in which it records and stores information about the environment. It behaves very similarly to a human being or rather the opposite, a person acquires, resp. loses energy much like water.

Water can be our teacher. If we can pay attention to it and listen to it, it will lead us to life in harmony.

Water loves free movement, it charges itself in river meanders, straight, artificial river basins, on the other hand, weaken it. This clearly shows that we get the maximum energy if we let things flow and do not go for our goals at all costs directly and under pressure.

The water we drink can also have very different properties. Its quality is essential for our health and overall feeling and well-being.

It is important not only how much water we drink, but above all what quality is the water we drink.

Water from common sources is disharmonious, it stores in its memory a lot of information that does not benefit our body. E.g. tap water is fine biochemically, but it has lost most of its natural bioenergy during a painful way to our tap. The causes are turbines, dirt, right pipe angles and the pressure to which it is exposed. The body has a problem with such water, it has to expend a lot of energy to treat it and it eliminates some of the untreated water. But tap water also has great advantages: low price, no packaging (great for the environment) and availability (tap to refill the bottle can be found almost everywhere). For the above-mentioned properties, we recommend drinking tap water, just after energy treatment.

Harmonized water, unlike the “dead one”, does not form clusters of molecules and it is ready to perform its functions in the body (transport and detoxification). That’s why it’s so nice to drink from a well or mountain spring.

But who among us has the opportunity to drink from natural sources permanently?

Fortunately, it is possible to harmonize the water on your own. The basis is conscious attention and communication with water before drinking it. Our body is always 70% water, whatever we feel, think, say or do affects us at the cellular level. For example, when you hate someone, you affect the water molecules in your body so that the cells stop communicating with each other, which has a big impact on your health. It is necessary to realize that love and gratitude form in our immunity. When we send gratitude to water, it heals us and returns love and gratitude to us. It is a closed cycle.

In today’s ever-accelerating times, it is increasingly difficult to maintain attention while drinking water. In addition, the stress we are exposed daily is transferred to the water during unconscious drinking and intensifies the moment we drink the water (the same goes for food). In such a state, conscious water treatment is almost impossible, so people often seek for the “external help” for harmonization. They place the flower of life on the bottles, positive inscriptions or insert various types of stones into the water (these must be energetically cleaned on regular bases).

Kvido Kuželka and Vili Poznik

Kvido Kuželka & Vili Poznik

The revolutionary technology for the demanding conditions of the 21st century came from the Slovenian scientist Vili Poznik, nicknamed the “Slovenian Tesla”, who has been working on the health and harmonization of water molecules for over 50 years. With his team, he has been measuring vibrations of “everything” for many years and evaluate their effect on living creatures. Then the huge groups of positive vibrations (acquired over several decades) incorporate into various media using a special method. Thus, products such as the informed i9 bottle are created, which returns water to balance and protects its bio-quality from the technologies of 21st century.

Some people use their own harmonization methods, the others prefer to reach for external assistance. It is important to trust the intuition, our body will always choose the optimal solution just for us. It is essential to start paying real attention to the topic. With the advent of new technologies, more and more vibrations, which are harmful to us, attack our bodies and can cause not only discomfort but also serious health problems.

Water always sets a mirror for a person. The current behavior of mankind not only towards water itself, but also towards the whole nature is reflected in its low quality and lack.

But I firmly believe that we still have the time to change the current situation. Let’s unite and express to water respect and esteem. Not only when we drink it, but every time we meet it, whether for example by a natural pond or in a city fountain. Let us send love and gratitude to water for having it, it will return these strongest positive vibrations in the Universe to us. Together, we can increase collective consciousness and help change the unfortunate course back to natural values, love and harmony throughout the Earth.